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¿Pagarías por bajar música?

itunes pago
Según el estudio del New York Times, los que utilizan Macs están más dispuesto a pagar por bajar música de Internet. Como saben, aquí en México no está abierta la tienda de música de iTunes, aunque existen otras locales, parece que no venden tan bien como quisieran.

Macintosh owners are far more likely than PC owners to have recently paid for a music download, according to the NPD Group, a market research firm. In the third quarter of 2007, exactly half of Mac owners paid to download music at least once, while only 16 percent of PC owners did. The data was derived from an online panel of 4,915 people and weighted to reflect the United States? online population.

In part, the disparity reflects the ways Apple Macintosh and PC owners use their computers: Mac owners are more likely to listen to music on their computers and to upload music to digital music players. The Mac is marketed as an entertainment machine, and music and video are tightly integrated into the operating system. And, of course, the iPod is an Apple product.

Macs, PCs and Music Downloads

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