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¿Existe la Universidad Pixar?

¿Existe la Universidad Pixar?

instalaciones pixar
De seguro has escuchado “The Pixar University”. En realidad no existe esta Universidad como tal, existe para los que están ya trabajando en ese lugar.

Los de Pixar tienen en sus instalaciones de Emeryville, California lo que ellos llaman “The Pixar University”, donde dan clases a sus empleados. Lo que pretenden es encontrar talentos que puedan desarrollarse en esa gran compañía.

Sería un sueño para cualquiera trabajar en ese lugar.

The operation has more than 110 courses: a complete filmmaking curriculum, classes on painting, drawing, sculpting and creative writing. ?We offer the equivalent of an undergraduate education in fine arts and the art of filmmaking,? [Randy Nelson, dean of Pixar University,] said. Every employee ? whether an animator, technician, production assistant, accountant, marketer, or security guard ? is encouraged to devote up to four hours a week, every week, to his or her education.

Some highlights of Pixar University include:

  • every employee (from a cleaner right through to the CEO) is allowed 4 hours per week to attend any course or class they like.
  • they are allowed to not to work and reject meeting requests that collide with their class.
  • people got to meet and talk to people they would not normally meet
  • people got to learn stuff they would not normally get the chance to learn
  • people discovered new talents and passions
  • people would get an understanding of the company as a whole (not just what their ‘job’ requires)
  • it is not unusual for people to change jobs within the company after finding out they are really good at something else.

Pixar’s tightknit culture is its edge

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