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Navegación ingeniosa utilizando CSS
100 recursos esenciales para desarrolladores Web
Una lista más de recursos CSS, DHTML, Javascript y Ajax
Lista de más de 50 herramientas para el Diseño Web
Otra lista de herramientas para diseño web, recursos y plantillas “open source”
Más temas gratis para WordPress “themes”
Páginas Web de Inicio “Start Pages”
Lista de lo mejor en Smashing Magazine de Mayo y Junio
Personalizar visualmente la entrada “login” de WordPress
Más tutoriales, tips y ejemplos con CSS

Lista de más de 50 herramientas para el Diseño Web

Otra lista de Mashable, que nos muestra una buena referencia en herramientas para el diario en Diseño Web. Algunas ya las hemos visto por acá, pero otras que no las he probado prometen bastante.

Herramientas para principiantes.
Herramientas para usuarios avanzados.
Herramientas de diseño.
Inspiración y colaboración.

Web Design Toolbox: 50+ Tools for Web Design

Más temas gratis para WordPress “themes”

Me han pedido que mostrara sitios para bajar temas de WordPress. Aquí está una lista muy completa de ese tipo de recursos para tu blog.

Temas para WordPress:
83 Beautiful wordpress themes you probably havent seen by
The Best Minimalist WordPress Themes by
Free Template Monster WP Themes by
16 Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes to Maximize your Contextual Ad Earnings by
18 Custom Themes by
Comprehensive list of 980+ Free WordPress 1.5 and 2.0 Themes by
Part2 Top Ten Best Free WordPress Themes and Templates by
10-fresh-elegant-and-clean-wordpress-themes by
Part1 Top Ten Best Free WordPress Themes and Templates by
WP Design by
My selection of best WordPress themes – Part One by
My selection of best WordPress themes – Part Two by
WordPress 1.5 Theme Competition Winners by
NDesign-Studio by
70 Favourite WordPress Themes by
Top 10 Pink for October redesigns by
980 Free WordPress Themes –
Download free wordpress templates by
WordPress themes in progress –
49 Most downloaded WordPress themes of all time by
Top 10 WordPress web 2.0 Themes by
WordPress Theme Best of the Best by
Geeks Make Me Hot bye
3 Themes iKram Zidane by
50 Free WordPress Themes – by
Romow – by
Site Redesign with WordPress – Themes and Inspiration by
WordPress Theme reviews

Sitios con listas de Temas:
Official WordPress Themes Repository –

Un Matched Themes –
Kaushal Sheth –
WordPress Themes ZA –
BlogFlux –
WP Designer –
WP Bpard –
Templates Browser –
ThemeVibes –
GFX Edit –
WP Skins –
Desperate Curiosity by
Rockin Themes –
OS Skins –
WordPress – CN –
Themesbase –
WordPress Templates, Skins, Themes by
WordPress Loser –
Performancing Themes –
Forumer –
WP Theme Gallery –
WordPress WOW –
WP Theme Park –
Micfo –
Skins for WP –
WordPress Theme –
Herramienta para crear tu propio Tema: WordPress Theme Generator

Lista tomada de A collection of collected WordPress themes

Páginas Web de Inicio “Start Pages”

Otra lista de Smashing Magzine, nos presenta páginas de inicio, las cuales si recordamos estuvieron muy de moda en el “Flash Boom” de hace unos años, donde los diseñadores creaban páginas de inicio como si fueran una película de acción, poco a poco se ha ido eliminando estas páginas, para dejar paso a las páginas fácil de usar y que lleguen rápido al usuario.
En esta lista hay de todo, desde métodos alternativos de navegar, interactividad, fácil de navegar, tipografía, experimentos, minimalismo, etc.

Más tutoriales, tips y ejemplos con CSS

Otra lista más con tutoriales CSS, que puede servirte para complementar las otras ya mencionadas aquí.

  1. CSS-Techniques You Couldn?t Live Without
  2. 25 Killer Code Snippets Every Good Web Designer Should See
  3. 30 Dark Designs You Should?ve Seen
  4. 50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006
  5. CSS Live — Watch a page come together
  6. JavaScript + CSS = Nice Picture Display
  7. 100% CSS Rounded Corners WITH anti-aliasing. No images. No JavaScript.
  8. The (only) Ten Things to Know About CSS
  9. TOP 69 CSS Menus with Tutorials and Downloads
  10. The RIGHT way to convert your Photoshop design to XHTML and CSS Layout
  11. 15 CSS Properties You Probably Never Use (but perhaps should)
  12. 71 CSS Menus for free
  13. A Handy Little CSS Cheat Sheet
  14. 12 Useful CSS Templates
  15. CSS tips and tricks!
  16. Free Design Templates
  17. 12 Basic CSS Templates
  18. Awesome: Pure CSS Image Gallery
  19. CSS-Based Forms, Modern Solutions
  20. Tutorials Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Much More
  21. Howto: Square Corners with CSS
  22. 25 Killer Code Snippets every Good Designer Should See
  23. Tableless forms
  24. A Cool CSS Effect to Dim the Screen (Dashboard Style)
  25. Top 10 CSS image gallery tutorials
  26. CSS Speech Bubbles
  27. CSS Basics
  28. 10 CSS Tips from a Professional CSS Architect
  29. Over 100 CSS demos
  30. Rounded corners without images
  31. Holy Grail of CSS layouts
  32. More Rounded Corners with CSS
  33. COMPLETE Tutorial on CSS & HTML – Beginning up to Expert
  34. CSS Layout Techniques: for Fun and Profit
  35. CSS Frames
  36. CSS Trick: Using Fewer Images
  37. Clean CSS
  38. Time Sensitive CSS Switcher
  39. Handy CSS layout generator for web developers
  40. CSS Library Launched
  41. List of CSS Tools
  42. Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps
  43. Style your forms with CSS
  44. CSS Optimization: Make your site load faster for free
  45. | tons of cascading style sheet ideas
  46. How to create a StyleGuide for your HTML & CSS
  47. Most Useful CSS Properties with Examples
  48. Top 10 CSS Tutorials
  49. Learn HTML or CSS fast
  50. CSS Mastery: Fixed-Width, Liquid, and Elastic Layouts and Faux Columns
  51. A great way to preload images on your site with CSS
  52. Top Ten CSS Gallery/Showcase Websites
  53. Over One Hundred page layouts, One CSS File
  54. CSS: Getting Into Good Coding Habits
  55. CSS Galleries
  56. 10 CSS Tips to Make Your Life Easier
  57. CSS-Based Navigation Menus: Modern Solutions
  58. The only CSS layout you need
  59. 20+ CSS Menus
  60. CSS Techniques Roundup – 20 CSS Tips & Tricks
  61. 5 Worthy CSS Tips
  62. CSS Layout Tutorial for beginners
  63. Quick ‘n easy CSS borders/shadows
  64. Nice CSS How-To and Template site
  65. How to Nail a Sexy Layout
  66. Sample CSS Page Layouts
  67. CSS SuperDouche
  68. 5 Steps to CSS Heaven
  69. 12 CSS Articles/Tricks of 2005
  70. CSS Print Stylesheet Tips and Tricks
  71. css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
  72. Web Developer’s Handbook | CSS, Web Development
  73. CSS Beauty | CSS Design Showcase
  74. CSS Vault » The Web’s CSS Site
  75. Cascading Style Sheets
  76. Dynamic Drive CSS Library- Practical CSS codes and examples
  77. Layout Gala: a collection of 40 CSS layouts
  78. CSS Cheat Sheet
  79. CSS Import? | The CSS Gallery
  80. CSS Techniques Roundup – 20 CSS Tips and Tricks
  81. Clean CSS – A Resource for Web Designers – Optmize and Format your CSS
  82. centricle : css filters (css hacks)
  83. CSS Basics – Making Cascading Style Sheets Easy to Understand
  84. 70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding | Smashing Magazine
  85. CSS Remix: CSS-Based Website Gallery
  86. intensivstation :: CSS Templates :: Templates
  87. HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, Articles and News
  88. CSS Mania
  89. 53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn?t Live Without
  90. Spiffy Corners – Making anti-aliased rounded corners with CSS
  91. CSS Showcase | CSS Navigation Menus, Tabs and CSS Navigation Techniques
  92. CSS Drive- Categorized CSS gallery and examples
  93. How to make sexy buttons with CSS
  94. Great CSS Editors for Linux
  95. CSS Debugging Tools and Tricks
  96. Free CSS Editors
  97. CSS, Accessibility and Standards Links
  98. Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours
  99. 12 Basic Free CSS Templates – 12 Starting points for your CSS based website
  100. Dynamic Drive CSS Layouts- Tableless, CSS based templates
  101. All CSS Properties Listed Alphabetically

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