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Flash y la forma en que indexa contenido de texto

Existe el debate si un SWF puede indexar contenido para que los robots de búsqueda puedan entrar y hacerlo.
Para ese motivo Google y Adobe han sumado esfuerzos para que esto se pueda lograr, por medio del llamado ?Flash indexing algorithm?.

Pero un nuevo estudio demuestra que no se ha avanzado lo bien que se quisiera:

? Since the introduction of support for SWFObject in July, Google hasn?t associated text content in Flash with the correct parent URL or as a single entity. More often than not, either the Flash URL or both the Flash and parent URL are indexed.
? Flash files can accrue PageRank independent of their own parent URLs.
? Google doesn?t index URLs containing #anchors (fragment identifiers) in Flash per W3C Guidelines.
? Currently, Google doesn?t seem to support translations of text content in Flash.

Y en el artículo dan algunos consejos para el 2009:

Since ?optimizing Flash? is difficult, it?s better to understand the fundamental limitations of the medium in terms of search, and to then concentrate on optimizing site design and architecture.

* When it comes to text, ?Don?t use it for something when there?s already a standard whose output can be easily parsed, easily processed, and whose openness makes its processing easier for browsers and searchbots.? – ?Bergy,? Google Webmaster Central
* Avoid text content and links in Flash
* Don?t use text content in Flash supplied via third party file
* If you must use text content in Flash, use sIFR
* If you must use text content in Flash and sIFR isn?t an option, create individual Flash files laid over each corresponding (X)HTML page via SWFObject
* ?Instead of including everything in one flash file it may make sense to break the content into different flash files so you can create different HTML pages around the different ideas contained in it.? – Aaron Wall,
* When using SWFObject, consider using absolute URLs in underlying (X)HTML and Flash files
* When using SWFObject, be sure to include ?alternative? images for users without Flash
* Avoid using text content in Flash for pages employing ?seamless transitions? where URLs don?t change, or, instead, include ?pound signs?
* Provide links to important pages within Flash files using absolute URLs for users who arrive at the Flash file via Google search engine results pages
* Consider how translation issues may impact content in Flash and investigate ways of working around these issues

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