In Pieces: Especies en peligro de extinción hechas con CSS

“In Pieces” es un catálogo interactivo de 30 animales creados íntegramente con CSS por Bryan James.
Bryan ha creado una plataforma interactiva para dar a conocer las especies en peligro de extinción de todo el mundo.





CSS polygons are a line of code which essentially draws a shape from a set of co-ordinates with X and Y values for each point. You can have any amount of points you wish, I chose 3 of course because I used triangles. These co-ordinates are based off-of a standard rectangle which you can size in any way you like, and the polygons will adapt if done as percentaged co-ordinates.


In Pieces – 30 Endangered Species, 30 Pieces.

Motionographer In Pieces: A rare specimen of CSS-based animation

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