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Ganadores del “Masters of CG”


Los de Creative Bloq muestran a los ganadores de su concurso “Masters of CG”. Los participantes tomaron como base a “Rogue Trooper”.

Secuencia del título:

  • Category winner: The Invokers
  • Description: “Iconic shots from the Remembrance Day comic, put together in a unique style of 2D concept art projected onto 3D geometry. The art is based on the original comic, but redone to perfectly fit the title sequence and the raw vibe. Rather than following the chronological order of events in the comic, we used key events in non Non Sequential order, to convey a certain mood. The music was composed especially for this piece, made with samples of war sounds.”

Tomas principales (ganador absoluto):

  • Category winner and overall winner: Kawan
  • Description: “From the storyboard to the final cut we worked during more than 20 nights on our freetime to put images on our ideas. It was a blast working on it. We hope you will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”


  • Category winner: The Invokers
  • Description: “A poster of Rogue trooper. Look at it. NOW RESPECT IT.”


Masters of CG contest: winners revealed!